Uncharted 3 Spanish 001

Uncharted 3 in Spanish is a great way for gamers interested in improving beginner's level comprehension.  While most practice will be with "Mierda!", there are lots of learning opportunities. 

Merely hearing beautifully pronounced español latino can improve our ear for the spoken language, even though the construction, grammar, and particular words may be unknown.

In the opening: Todos los hombres sueñan, pero no de igual manera.

Todo = all, and todos is the plural form used for countable objects, referring here to hombres (men).  Los is a the plural form of "the", while sueñan is the plural 3rd person form of of the verb soñar (to dream). Pero no de igual manera may be most literally translated as "but not in equal manner", but what conveys the meaning best might be closer to "not in the same way".  

The Spanish manera differs from "manners" in that it only refers to describing actions; it is not used for describing "bad table manners", for example.  For that, tiene mala educacion is more widely accepted for bad manners, por ejemplo: Él come con la boca abierta (for example: He eats with his mouth open.)


Don R. said…
Before ever seeing this, a few months ago I had changed over the language settings of my Uncharted because I'm Puerto Rican and know no spanish. Four years in high school and remember nothing. Playing Uncharted 3 for a few months and I found myself grasping things better. I had a funny encounter where I only knew a game mode in spanish after playing in espanol for so long. So while trying to tell my mom the mode I was yelling "ASEDIO! ASEDIO!!". She didn't know what it was in spanish or english so I wound up looking it up to find it translate to Siege. I wish I played uncharted 3 more often so I could get better at spanish maybe follow some type of ciriculum but meh, I don't know. I hope to one day be able to speak spanish with my family, and I know this game definetly helps and I agree with this article fully. I found this while searching for something I heard playing uncharted but 10 minutes ago. My character yells Estoy yo gando but I think I'm hearing it wrong or spelling it wrong. I've heard necesito yo gando as well but I can't find gando in google translate. I'll keep looking and broadening my horizons on spanish.
Thanks for the comment, Don.

I've been playing FarCry 3 and XCom in Spanish, and they help a lot.

Try turning on subtitulos en la menu para aprender mejor.

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