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Star Trek by the Minute 071: Marooned

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Spock reminds Kirk: "These are the orders issued by Captain Pike when he left the ship."
"He also ordered us to go back and get him" Kirk insists, but this is exactly what Spock is recommending, only Spock's plan is more practical and has much better chances overall. Kirk still has nothing to say about how successfully "getting" Pike will occur when everything they've seen indicates that his recommendation would have no possibility of succeeding. Without specific, achievable goals and the means to accomplish them, they are like a ship without a rudder: it may be possible to survive the storm and arrive somewhere intact, but the fact remains that for every tiny inlet to a safe harbor, there are thousands of kilometers of rocky shores, littered with the bones and wreckage left by the unfortunate and foolhardy.
"Spock, you are Captain now," Kirk rants, "You have to make..." As is typical for Kirk'…

Star Trek by the Minute 070: Alternate Reality

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Chekov adds: "Nero's ship would have to drop out of warp just for us to overtake him."

Kirk continues: "Then what about assigning engineering crews to try and boost our warp yield?" That is a foolish suggestion. The ship has holes blasted in its hull, casualties in sick bay, and is dealing with the surviving Vulcans the Enterprise was able to rescue in addition to the Elder Council, there are probably refugees in shuttles and stations nearby which escaped the singularity's gravity well in time and are in immediate peril, and the Enterprise undoubtedly has a variety of damage to its operational systems. The idea that the Enterprise could set a speed record and then engage the Narada successfully shows a substantial disconnect from what is supposed to be "reality" for the characters.

Spock answers, "Remaining power and crew are being used to repair radiation leaks in the lower decks..."

Here, we revisit a topic w…

Star Trek by the Minute 069: Angry Future Romulan

STbtM Posts: First - PreviousThis segment opens on the bridge of the Enterprise with Spock asking Uhura "Have you confirmed that Nero is headed for Earth?"She responds: "Their trajectory suggests no other destination, Captain." "Thank you, lieutenant." he deadpans, pacing the bridge. Kirk, sitting in the captain's chair announces: "Earth may be his next stop, but we have to assume every Federation planet's a target." Completely wrong, there is no reason to make such an assumption other than as a precautionary measure for defense, but the uncertainty involved in the assumption should not be ignored as Kirk's statement indicates - making it unwise if not unreasonably dangerous, although this would be in character. Why "unreasonably dangerous"? There is almost no information available on Nero's motivations or goals, so guesses about his planned actions to achieve these unknown goals is silly, and in the real world this kin…

Star Trek by the Minute 068: Sushi

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Nero explains "My purpose Christopher, is to not simply avoid the destruction of the home that I love, but to create a Romulus that exists free of the Federation." How is it that the destruction of Earth, Vulcan, the Federation, etc. prevents a supernova on a distant star? Of course, to even ask this question we have to forget that supernovas do not "threaten the galaxy", and forget that stars going nova is the process by which the elements for planets and life are made available.
Nero continues: "You see, only then will she be truly saved. That is why I will destroy all the remaining Federation planets, starting with yours." It hardly makes any sense to worry about Federation planets in this time when the Narada is perfectly capable of time warping back to a time prior to the defense grid and destroying Earth and any other planet on the list. Is there something special about this time? Is there something special about Captain …

Star Trek by the Minute 067: Nero’s Plan

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Nero declaring that he prevented genocide by obliterating Vulcan makes about as much sense as the claim that "the death penalty is our way of affirming the sanctity of life" or that wars are justified by the expectation of future peace. It reminds me a bit of Alberto Gonzalez, (former Atty. general of the United States), declaring on television that the tree huggers who were camped out in a forest to prevent logging old growth, were "terrorists" (before a single one had been proven guilty of anything).
In this segment, Nero continues his monologue but before we go on with that, let's take a look at his claim that the Narada is a simple mining vessel. It seems hard to believe that one vessel designed for simply extracting and transporting minerals would have combat capabilities more than a match for fleets of Klingon battle cruisers and waves of Federation starships. A simple vessel that is able to attack and destroy entire planets wi…