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How Many Dimensions Are There? Is Math Easier to Grasp with Real World Examples?

It seems maths are more easily understood when grounded in real structures, such as: "If we have one apple, add another, and how many apples do we have?" On the other hand, math tends to train us to overlook much of nature, going so far as to assert what fairly reasonable standards might judge falsehoods. We accept the dubious western assumption that apples are separate, however no apple has ever been measured to constitute exactly 1 standard apple...and we ignore the imprecision required for our most simple math concepts.
1 + 1 = 2 may be our first equation pedagogically, but it comes with a slew of logical and practical problems we may be well advised to keep in mind. Identifying one item, obtaining it, doing the same with another item, combining them into a set, and then counting to obtain a result is much more than "2" things. Even simple maths ignore time, existence over time.
There is a more significant reason for skepticism regarding mainstream dimensional m…