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Debunking Food Evolution 2: Goal Evolution

What follows Tyson’s wildly mistaken opening are several calmly presented claims regarding population statistics, growth, and the impacts of climate change on the food debate.
An agitated female voice then shouts: “This is all about companies controlling our future!” The use of "all about" is a red flag scientifically. However, the shout doesn't sound like an assertion intended for a scientific context, and it could address a valid point, even if overstated.

Tyson then asks: “Amongst all this conflict and confusion... How do we make the most informed decisions about how we feed ourselves?”
What is especially good about Tyson's question here is that it states a relatively specific, plausibly valuable goal of “most informed decisions”. It also links our decisions on this topic to a pragmatic concern to "feed ourselves". The question is a good start and offers opportunities for improvement.
In asking how to accomplish a goal, we usually expect some process: …

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