Star Trek by the Minute 112: Project Orion

Is this scene, Scotty may look like he's trying to turn off that light with his mental powers, or firing a ball of plasma from his eyes, but actually he's warning his crew to "Clear the area!" for some reason, since he's magically become Chief Engineer.  Apparently, accidentally getting trapped in the pipes of the Enterprise and nearly dying is sufficient to warrant promotion to Commander of a staff you've never met, on a ship you've never seen, with equipment you've never looked at, on a critical mission, in the middle of a war, after months of isolation on a remote planet.  Rules of rationality disappear, Scotty is the Chief, (hand wave) and's a miracle!

Here we see a bunch of pods being ejected into space, with the exterior nacelles and the singularity visible in the background 4 seconds after Scotty ordered his crew to leave the area.  These ejection ports are open to space, i.e.: a vacuum.  According to what we've been shown before, as well as explosive decompression in general, Scotty, his crew, and the brewery steam swirling in the background should all be blown out with the warp cores.  Laws of physics disappear, everyone is fine, (hand wave)'s a miracle!

Sulu and the rest of the Bridge staff continue to simply stare, apparently doing nothing until a gigantic fireball erupts from the singularity from the core explosions.  Who was overseeing the pod detonations?  Scotty didn't set any timers on them or anything.  The bridge crew did nothing, despite this being "the plan".  What's going on?  I suppose we can just forget about that plan, forget that no one did anything to follow it, forget that this singularity is arguably thousands of times larger and more powerful than anything needed to collapse a supernova and yet a starship, microscopic by comparison, is able to magically produce a blast far stronger than the most powerful known explosions in the universe, and survive?  It's a miracle!

Actually, this kind of propulsion was proposed as a peaceful use of nuclear technology with Project Orion, but to make it work, the melon-sized explosives had to be well timed to produce a steady thrust, and even then, variations in pressure from shockwaves needed to be smoothed with huge shock absorbers we see here.

The remainder of this segment features Sulu, Kirk, Spock, and Chekov looking at the screen and getting jostled in their seats.  The Enterprise must be pretty amazing, if everyone aboard only feels a little bump when being smashed by an explosion far more powerful than one that "threatened the galaxy" and actually did, we were shown, vaporize Romulus and every Romulan, every ship, outpost, and station.  In other words, the Romulan's of from 100 years in the future don't have anything capable to withstand a shock wave that this battered old Enterprise can surf like the Big Kahuna.  It's a miracle!

Our "heroes" are shown courageously streaking from the blast radius as this segment ends.

No women speak in this segment, but Uhura does a hair toss after the heroic music begins.

nuSpock meets his prime timeline self in our next episode of Star Trek by the Minute 113: I Am Not Our Father.


Nemo said…
The image link with (presumably) shock absorbers is broken.

The exposure for vacuum part reminds of nuSpock blasting big hole in Narada's hull during his suicidal escape run. What happened to that "problem"? Emergency forcefields/doors/bulkheads? The movie doesn't say...not to mention that huge mining vessel like that is built with just primary hull and the inside of the ship seems to be a huge hollow tube with metal ramps and empty space (so it's harder and more dangerous to do anything if artificial gravity fails) so every minuscule crack from any asteroid debris will expose nearly all of inner atmosphere to vacuum.

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