Star Trek by the Minute 113: I Am Not Our Father

Spock nods approvingly to Kirk and there are smiles all around the Bridge from Kirk, Sulu, Chekov, and Kirk again but no women.  We cut to Earth, and a happy Starfleet Academy.

NuSpock, strolling toward a shuttle, sees an old Vulcan and calls out "Father..."

Spock Prime slowly turns and replies: "I am not our father...  There are so few Vulcans left.  We cannot afford to ignore each other."  Spock Prime's statement indicates he considers them different people, recognizing the alternate universe interpretation that nuSpock explained back on the Enterprise Bridge.

NuSpock asks "Then why did you send Kirk aboard when you alone could have explained the truth?"  This appears to be an excellent question, one which instantly came forward during the ridiculous Delta Vega outpost discussion.  As if Abrams' advocacy of faith and hatred of intelligent logic were not sufficiently apparent from completely destroying Vulcan and repeated divine interventions on behalf of our heroes, he feels the need to have the greatest popularizer of logic since Plato denigrate one of the greatest intellectual achievements of our species, resulting in what may be the worst travesty of the film.  Let's find out in our next episode of Star Trek by the Minute Episode 114: Put Aside Logic.

No women speak or appear in this segment.


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