Star Trek by the Minute 027: Three Years Later

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Kirk holds up the flask and says: "Jim Kirk" as if anyone would introduce themselves this way, and in response, the wannabe doctor delivers a "Bond…James Bond" homage/ripoff with "McCoy, Leonard McCoy". I can't help but imagine Bart Simpson sitting at a word processor, writing the script, and giggling after re-reading that line. In an external shot, the shuttle cruises off to San Francisco, and Starfleet Academy.
In another external shot (somewhere in deep space), we see it is "Three Years Later", and the Romulan deathship is happily cruising through nothingness – apparently to nowhere. In an extreme close-up, we see Captain Nero gazing maniacally out at us. In the background, we hear someone tell him he is "…requested on the bridge. Ayel says it's time." If Kirk was 21 in the bar, this would make the current time about 24+ years after the Kelvin incident.
One wonders how a mining ship that has been ripped apart by the ramming and subsequent explosion of a Kelvin-class starship could possibly manage to effect repairs, and then hang around for what turns out to be a quarter of a century. It's a miracle! In 25 years, none of the crew seems to have thought something like, "Maybe we should go home for a couple of years, save our planet, and get a tan?" Is there any possible reason for them to hang around for a quarter of a century? Apparently, it's a matter of faith, pay no attention and you'll enjoy it more.
Perhaps Romulus had been destroyed when their ship was returning from Miraculon VI with a full load of retconidox... There's no clue what they were hauling, but it seems safe to say they, and the writers were full of it.


Glad I wasn't the only one who noticed this. That was the first thing in my mind. Maybe they invented some Red Dwarf type games to pass the time. Soap suds slalom down the cargo ramp, perhaps.

Still, they aren't the last Romulans alive, and they traveled to this time period to change the timeline. Why not just go to Romulus and CHANGE IT. Just a thought.

BurntSynapse said…
Such an obvious error, and yet this is one of the core plot elements! These writers are unbelievable...
Nemo said…
You should publish these series as a book, it's priceless! :D

On topic:
This was probably THE biggest plot hole. I noticed this immediately even during first viewing at the cinema. I saw Kelvin knocking out Nerada, there was an explosion but no real damage visible so I thought: k screw the pods, repair damage and then full about warp 8 straight to Romulus, knock on door and tell them the bad news (yo the star is goin' supernova in a jiffy, get the hell outta dere!) and the good news (we bear sugar candies, some super advanced weapons, one near indestructible dreadnought and we have intel on some red matter coming later too), here...take brothers, and wreak havoc upon all Star-fleet and Klingon and whatever.

Instead they do...what exactly? Sit in one place hiding behind lens flare, watching TV and just chilling before they try to solo the entire Human and Vulcan race and their combined resources and military power. wtf?
Right on target as usual, Nemo!

Haaris Qureshi said…
I think the Romulans gathered they're in a alternate universe, which is why they don't care about the AU Romulus (THEIR planet and families are still dead). Also, it's likely now that they're here that the artificial supernova won't occur.

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