Humanbirdwings Hoax

If you follow science & technology news like I do, you've received a half-dozen or more news blurbs hailing the breakthrough in human powered flight with links to the YouTube Videos.  Since the story seems to be spreading faster than one can produce individual explanations, it seemed like a good idea to put up one for everyone.

Given the floppy, high-drag wings, I could not understand how something with much less lift area than very efficient hang glider and paraglider wings could *flap* (quite inefficiently) and not just maintain, but actually *climb*...and he has no headwind!  With near perfect surface rigidity and wings of this size filled with hydrogen (or better for weight: a vacuum) maybe such a thing...

When receiving news of the breakthrough, I checked the "100 meters of flight" video, shown as number 14 out of 14.  I noticed a number of strange things:
1 - No witnesses: where were the millions who would want to see this event?
2 - Climbing on upstroke: the flyer's body appears to actually gain altitude in several bounces while the wings are still on the recovery upstroke when there should be substantial CG (center of gravity) loss.
3 - Assistants Run Away: At Kitty Hawk, other early attempts, and with modern gliding, assistants run with the pilot in case of accident.  Only after after dangerous propulsion (props, rockets, jets) would there be any reason to run away.  Watching video 13 of 14, supposedly showing a "near takeoff", I discovered was to explain pointing the camera to the ground!

Blurring the camera digitally and using a wipe effect, this ground is replaced with this...
...a different set of grass and leaves.  If you download the video and watch it at slow motion, the replacement is more easily seen.  The video editors brilliantly capitalized on the shadow of a running assistant to disguise the wipe. When the camera pans back up, we see the purported "test launch":
See the circular graphic on the right wing?  Above it is a black block.  Now look at the right wing in the first picture from 1 second earlier.


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