Steam Problems with The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

I've recently been discussing problems with the Steam scheme for games on Amazon forums and product reviews.  To me, this (IMO: completely illegitimate) "digital rights" system seems almost virus-like in its intrusive and disruptive nature.

(Above: Taskbar After a Steam Update)

Debate opponents who are strong supporters claiming to "love Steam" suggest I've been unfairly targeting a great add-on, with suggestions that my computer, myself, or the Skyrim program are culprits.

 (Above: Steam hangs, neither button works)

 (Above: When internet access is limited, this immovable window
locks user out of software indefinitely.)

 (Above: Use Windows to shutdown malfunctioning Steam at your own risk!)

Unfortunately, I was unable to collect screencaps of the "Changes to hard drive loop" which appears, like so many problems, related to using Steam to handle the startup for Skyrim.  Digging into the internal functions of Steam and telling it to resync its internal files and perform a verification of those files seemed to do the trick, once again allowing me into a product for which was advertised as a purchase, for which I paid, and I expect to own.  

Being locked out for hours or days because Steam is unable to verify that I'm not playing a game without permission is abusive and insulting.  Steam advocates, (like Facists and Nazi's) claim that the extra security and other benefits are worth any minor inconvenience - often hinting that anyone who complains has something to hide, and is probably a "pirate", "terrorist", or a [fill in official bogeyman here].

Of course, it is true that originally, the Nazi's and Fascists were widely praised in U.S. policy and intellectual communities, in a manner indicated in by John Gill in the Original Star Trek ep. "Patterns of Force".  Spock explains this efficiency propelled a crushed and bankrupt country to major imperial power quite rapidly.  What was most attention-getting: this was during a global depression with people unemployed and starving everywhere, including Germany.  Kirk points out it was a horrible system that had to be destroyed at terrible cost, but the official strategic decision to oppose Germany was only made after it was realized that tremendous strategic opportunities could be realized by entry into the war, and that Axis ambitions would conflict with U.S. imperial ambitions.

Shortly after this decision, Japanese were able to read how the brutal conquest of Hawaii followed by illegal invasion & occupation was providing the staging area (Pearl Harbor) for B-17's from Alaska in the hopes that they would be used for operations like the indiscriminate firebombing of Japanese civilians advocated by Claire Lee Chenault.  A friend of Chiang Kai-shek, Chenault lobbied for extermination (by fire) of the "the teeming bamboo ant heaps of Honshu and Kyushu."  After a more than a year of military buildup by the U.S. consistent with both public statements and past history regarding the inhabitants of North America, Central America, the Carribean, Hawaii, and the Philippines, the Japanese attacked the illegal military base in occupied Hawaii. 

In the U.S., Pearl Harbor's bombing by Japan is generally understood to be, and widely referred to as an "unprovoked, surprise attack" on the U.S.


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