Wesley Clark: "No Problem with Invading Afghanistan"

General Wesley Clark, of the Afghanistan war: "I was one of the ones that said we should go to Afghanistan - I never had a problem with that."

Is his claim accurate?  It seems incredible to me that Clark believes there is "no problem" if the U.S. orders military invasion of country that is not a threat, on the pretext it "refused to hand over Osama bin Laden" when ordered to do so by the leader of another country.  The government of Afghanistan was even told they would be given no evidence of anything: no evidence Osama bin Laden was implicated in any crime, no evidence he was ever located in Afghanistan - but they were threatened.

Surely Gen. Clark knows this is illegal and immoral behavior...How could he not?


tasteofbeirut said…
I am immediately sending my son a link to your blog! As you know he was a fan of yours. He is gonna love it!
by the way, check out this post, you probably did not know I had been to Iraq~

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