Star Trek by the Minute 115: Commendation Ceremony

"Since my customary farewell would seem oddly self-serving, I shall simply say: Good Luck."  Yet another stupid line, but it does provide another opportunity to trash the secular, Stoic ethics Vulcans were meant to represent and replace them with mystical, destiny-like religious concepts.  While I might agree that "luck" is less rational, less measurable, and more superstitious that "life" and "prosperity", the question remains: In what possible way could this be interpreted as less self-serving, especially when coming from one's own, subjective framework rather than a more generally accepted framework such as science?  We might defend the position that Spock Prime is trying to radically change nuSpock's approach to life, but since nuSpock has only rarely (and it seems, accidentally) exhibited the ability to produce logically connected statements, in this best case scenario, Old Spock's efforts seem to be redundant.  The more likely explanation is simply that this line was put in to separate this Vulcan from those old incarnations who at least made passing attempts at the Stoic ideals.

We cut to the Starfleet auditorium full of red suited cadets, where the Admirals previously assembled in the middle of the Laurentian conflict, in order to talk to Kirk about a claim of cheating on a simulation.  

"This assembly calls Captain James Tiberius Kirk.  Your inspirational valor, [seducing Gaila to cheat?] and supreme dedication to your comrades [provoking & attacking them on the Bridge?] is in keeping with the highest traditions of service, [among Ferengi pirates] and reflects utmost credit to yourself, your crew, and the Federation.  It is my honor to award you with this commendation.  (He pins Kirk with a medal.)  By Starfleet Order 28455 you are hereby directed to report to Admiral Pike, USS Enterprise for duty as his relief."

Kirk walks over to Pike, who is sitting in a wheelchair, and announces: "I relieve you, Sir."

No women speak or appear in this segment, other than in the background crowd of cadets.

The bridge crew delivers status updates to an AWOL skipper in our next episode of Star Trek by the Minute 116: Sitreps to the Absent Captain.


Reverend Jim said…
I've been following your blog, awatining each new posting. I can't wait to see how you wrap this all up. It almost makes me wish that this (rude gerund) piece of (offensive noun) movie was longer than it was. I've always enjoyed other people's rants (I recommend the Dennis Miller collection) and this one must be the longest ever. Great work.
Chris M. said…
Indeed, I'm kind of sorry to see this coming to an end. (Which is more than I could say about the movie itself.) Amazingly, as tireless an effort as this has been, at some points you've still only scratched the surface of what was wrong with this film!...
BurntSynapse said…
Thanks to you both!

Chris, I would be delighted to receive help adding some of the things I missed.
Flashman85 said…
Linky? (Translation: Missing a link to the next post.)

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