Star Trek by the Minute 109: This is Captain James T. Kirk

McCoy runs in yelling "Jim!" with Uhura and some medical personnel following.  The medical people swarm around Pike and take him away as Scotty says "That was pretty good," gesturing back to the transporter pad.  More like inexplicably miraculous, I'd say...

Cutting to the bridge, Chekov announces as Kirk and Spock enter: "Captain, the enemy ship is losing power.  Their shields are down, sir."  SHIELDS?!?  Does he refer to the Narada shields that have consistently failed, in every opportunity to do anything at all to stop weapons, energy bolts, particle beams, collisions, or even the Enterprise transporters delivering hostile enemies and then safely retrieving them?   This brings up a good point: if the Enterprise can beam anyone on or off the Narada, why not simply beam Pike, Nero, his crew, and anyone else around into a cargo bay, take over the Narada, and zip off to Risa for a round of Samarian Sunsets and perhaps seeking jamaharon? Nope...that would be too easy and too compassionate for Abrams&Co.

"Hail them now," says Kirk as if we what...had tried to hail them before?

"Aye," replies Chekov as we see the worst computer graphics of the film: the silly coagulation of red matter forming a singularity which takes seemingly forever, especially since this process is so different than what we were previously shown when Spock Prime used the red matter on the material ejected by the supernova, as well as when Vulcan was destroyed.  In that case, the effects of the shockwave were so powerful that movement of the planet's crust in response was visible from extremely high altitude, perhaps even from orbit.  In both cases the gravitational effects were all but instant.  

 Here, we have the Narada simply sitting on top of a singularity in one piece, no doubt this is to provide the opportunity for more inane posturing and dialogue that portrays depravity as heroism - but still, we could hope for something better!  Let's see..

"This is Captain James T. Kirk of the U.S.S. Enterprise.  Your ship is compromised..." I suppose that being inside a singularity many times more powerful than is needed for absorbing a supernova could be considered a "compromised" situation, but that's a bit like calling the British Petroleum geyser of death, which is spewing zillions of tons of toxic poison into the ocean everyday, it's a bit like someone calling that a "leak" or a "spill", i.e.: pretty ridiculous, but normal corporate-speak propaganda.

Kirk "...too close to the singularity to survive without assistance, which we are willing to provide."

No women speak in this segment, but Uhura is shown for a fraction of a second fawning over and clinging to Spock.

Kirk earns his stripes as a cold blooded, mass murdering killer in our next episode of Star Trek by the Minute 110: No Mercy.


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