Star Trek by the Minute 091: Vulcan Fury

What is contained in this segment is yet another senseless fistfight, contrived to put Kirk in the Captain's chair of the Enterprise despite being one of the least qualified people in the galaxy, and this bit of melodramatic adoration of yet more violence is truly embarrassing.  A believable and/or likable Spock would have learned something from his father and formative years, yet this film shows us a caricature of an emotionally stunted, sometimes savant,who is still a child and unable to stop from throwing violent tantrums whenever someone simply refers to his mother. badly  Spock has needed counseling and therapy during the past decades more than  promotions - much like everyone we've seen in Abrams' version of the Federation and/or Starfleet.  With this film's profound confusion of these organizations, it's sometimes difficult even to give meaningful criticism or praise for the writing because the story lacks a coherent , intelligible cultural setting beyond "Black ship bad, white ship good."

After Spock throws a couple of punches at Kirk, Kirk briefly gains his footing and tries counter-attacking, but by doing so, he relinquishes any objectively supported claim to superior emotional stability.  In fact, he demonstrates he is less qualified since he is not only now a mutineer, but the basis of his now violent aggression, an actual charge of treason might be plausibly sustained against him as a traitor to Starfleet, instructions from the prime universe Spock notwithstanding. 

After about 30 seconds of Spock beating the tar out of Kirk, followed by a silly mockery of choking,  note the complete lack of pressure in the screenshot, 

Sarek exclaims: "Spock!" After which our skipper moons about the bridge, with Kirk coughing in the background.

No women speak in this segment, but Uhura joins Sarek, Chekov, McCoy, Sulu, Scotty, the security manniquins, and crowds of other Bridge crew in gaping stupidly as their captain is attacked and ship controls and displays are smashed.

Next: Spock "relinquishes" his entire command because of emotional compromise in our next episode of Star Trek by the Minute 092: Kirk Takes Command.


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