Star Trek by the Minute 087: Transwarp Beam

Kirk leans out of the transporter alcove and says: "You know, coming back in time, changing history, that's cheating."  This makes no sense unless coming back in time was deliberate, which makes one wonder if this has something to do with Kirk's paradoxical comment at the end of the mind meld.

 Spock nods and admits "A trick I learned from an old friend."  Wow!  Spock just said that creating psycho-Nero, murdering everyone on the Kelvin, the Klingon ships, the planet Vulcan, and anyone else was "a trick".  As Wally Shawn would say: "Inconceivable!"

 Spock turns on the transporter and gives the Vulcan peace sign and says: "Live long and prosper." as Scotty and Kirk beam out and Keenser whimpers.  

As the transporter super genius and officer under Starfleet orders assigning him to Delta Vega, Scotty belongs at the controls sending Spock and nuKirk to the Enterprise, unless of course we magically know that Scott's "destiny" is to become galactically famous Chief Engineer of the Enterprise in this alternate reality, and also that everything will be perfectly fine with risking these lives with experimental, untested equipment using outpost scanners on a par with Mr. Magoo in a transport that has never, in the history of anyone in this universe, EVER worked!

 We have a cut to another gorgeous CGI establishment shot of the Enterprise at warp.

We see Kirk materializing in the ludicrously designed engineering section, rightly happy to be alive, having again survived by apparent miracle.  He looks around and then calls for "Mr. Scott!" and he hears a thumping noise.

He turns to the liquid tank behind him, and shouts into it, "Mr. Scott, can you hear me?"  After a few seconds, Monty emerges into a tube which is conveniently clear, allowing us to see him drowning.

No women speak or appear in any of the scenes in this segment.

Abrams creates an homage to Willy Wonka and John Yoo in our next episode of Star Trek by the Minute 088: Inert Reactant


Reverend Jim said…
Nice "Princess Bride" reference.

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