Star Trek by the Minute 078: I Went Through the Black Hole

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Spock’s mind meld continues: 

 “As I began my return trip I was intercepted. He called himself Nero, 'Last of The Romulan Empire.'"

In my attempt to escape, both of us were pulled into the black hole.”  Like the terribly incorrect supernova nonsense, this is similarly bad.  Black holes, from our perspective outside the gravity well, act like a suspended animation field which would take anything entering it into the future.  A clock would appear to slow down as we watched it fall into the black hole, and our view of the clock would red shift and dim progressively.  If there were any way to survive and then escape, (which there isn’t, and there isn’t either), then the clock would have essentially moved forward in time, not backward.

Also, we see a two-dimensional event horizon for the black hole which seems to be a rip-off of Stargate, but it is not the shape of a black hole event horizon, and even if we grant all of these impossibilities, if the Jellyfish or the Narada exited the event horizon, they still would be sucked instantly back in by the extreme gravitation that we are repeatedly told about, yet it only reasserts itself at the end of the film.  That’s an extremely convenient fundamental force.  Disregarding these plot inconsistencies, we are shown the Narada emerging from the event horizon just as the Kelvin arrives.

Spock intones: “Nero went through first. He was the first to arrive,” and we see a reprise of the attack on the Kelvin.

With visuals that are unclear, the ridiculous plot element is repeated that “Nero and his crew spent the next 25 years, awaiting my arrival. But what was years for Nero, was only seconds for me.”  This graphic may be from a deleted scene, where it has been posited that Nero and his crew were imprisoned on Rura Pente, the Klingon death camp, which again, seems like a ridiculous place to prepare for revenge, but a great place to be weakened and killed, especially after 25 years.

"Nero was waiting for me."  Apparently, the Klingons now allow prisoners to do advance quantum cosmological time travel calculations in their spare time, provide the sensor data, computers, and everything else needed for research of that kind, a skill at which these miners must have been fairly expert. if it was never used before.  Pretty amazing stuff. :P  

No women speak or appear in this segment.

Next: More ludicrously bad science as Spock watches Vulcan's destruction from a planet on another star system, without a telescope in Star Trek by the Minute 079: Billions Died Because I Failed


muser said…
This page also has a broken link. Feel free to delete this when it's fixed, of course! Still really enjoying your minute by minute review which is clearly a labor of Treklove (if you hated the movie, but loved Star Trek, that's still sufficient for me to say that.)
BurntSynapse said…
Thanks for the love!

I'm going to have to continue those links on all the entries now...

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