Star Trek by the Minute 074: Miracle Cave

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As this segment opens, Kirk continues running (and falling) but this time it is away from the new, larger, and supposedly more dangerous monster. Kirk again is saved by a sheer luck as he falls off yet another cliff. After the cliffhanger and fall in Iowa, the cliffhanger and fall off the Romulan drill platform, and the cliffhanger and fall outside the Katric Ark on Vulcan, with this one we are averaging less than twenty minutes between each "cliff and fall" scene even if we do not count the artificial cliff-like equivalents paird with falling such as those aboard the Kelvin, the drop from the Enterprise shuttle, and Narada. 

The monster pursuing lunch runs to the edge of the level section and continues roaring for some reason, and then this large, presumably successful native predator falls off the cliff as well. Perhaps it's ill.

Meanwhile, Kirk comes to rest on what looks like a frozen lake and the bottom of a depression, in what can only be described as a very unusual formation for glaciers. With the creature tumbling down after him and threatening to crash him, Kirk and starts sprinting at blindly ahead on the ice as the creature recovers and continues its pursuit. In another unbelievable miracle, directly ahead of Kirk the mouth to ice cave appears, complete with a human sized doorway and flat, level flooring enabling him to sprint inside.

The pursuing creature crashes in behind Kirk and lassos his foot with a bifurcated tongue. Despite outweighing Kirk by tons, and that its prey lacks any means to resist, and despite that the creature could just step over and eat its lunch, it is suddenly paralyzed and unable to slurp the wayward former cadet like so much linguini or just step forward and dig in like this was a meat pie eating contest. Another unexplained series of miracles that take no thought or planning to write, but on the upside, the creature looked relatively good as the CGI team demonstrated their considerable talents.

No women appear in the segment.

Leonard Nimoy plugs his book in our next segment of Star Trek by the Minute, Episode 075: I am Spock.


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