Star Trek by the Minute 065: Uhura's Kiss

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As the segment opens, Uhura puts down her earpiece and arises from her chair to follow Spock who is walking to the aft bridge turbolift. The precognitive door sensors demonstrate they are still functioning, as they patiently wait for just the right moment to do anything: first Spock enters, then stops, presses a button, waits for a moment, and then Uhura to clicks her go-go boots across the bridge, joining Spock in the lift. As soon as she enters, the doors begin to close the instant her first foot hits the lift deck – while she's still moving.

The pair gazes meaningfully into each other's eyes, before Uhura reaches over and presses a button to stop the lift. Spock, having read the Starfleet Seduction Manual section on "quick privacy", is well aware her actions have elevated the sexual situation status to yellow alert at the very least. Perhaps having spent too much time listening to Chekhov, she declares (no kidding): "I'm sorry", (pause), "I'm sorry.", (pause), " I'm so sorry.", (pause). As she's repeating herself, she reaches up to cradle the back of his head, and moves in to kiss him on the lips, (pause), on the side of the lips, (pause), on the cheek, (pause), and then hugs him. Spock responds and lowers his head onto her shoulder, (pause). He hugs her in return briefly, and then begins to straighten, pulling away.

Uhura looks into his eyes again and asks "What do you need?" (pause), "Tell me." (pause), "Tell me." (long pause). Spock turns, presses the resume button on the lift, and replies "I need everyone to continue performing admirably." Uhura responds with a look of resigned acceptance and caring regret as they both , you know: take another pause.

In all, this scene is about character development, and starting a relationship between Spock & Uhura. We do see a good representation of Spock's emotional and logical struggle - although it only lasts a moment and features almost no context providing depth, other than the ham-handed, unbelievable murder of Amanda and destruction of Vulcan to make Spock "a good guy".

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muser said…
Spock turns, presses the resume button on the lift, and replies "I need everyone to continue performing admirably."

Who among the crew has been performing admirably up to now?
The relationship between Uhura and Spock was established in the scene where she gets on the Enterprise (which is the basis for my complete rejection of this film as anything other than a tale from the mirror-mirror universe) The nature of the relationship was mostly a mystery until this scene. Which is bad in so many different ways. It almost (almost!) makes Lucas' love scenes in SW I and II watchable, in contrast.
BurntSynapse said…
Good point, Muser!

Anthony: Hm. As bad as the Spock/nUhura scenes are, I'll be hard pressed to watch the embarrassing Annie/Amidala travesties without my stomach clenching up...
I did qualify it as "almost".

Got in an argument with a fellow fan about the SW prequals being worse than this film last night. Even with those scenes (which I just FF through) those films are infinitely better, in my opinion. At least there's a story I can follow, a conclusion they are coming to.


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