Star Trek by the Minute 050: Liquid Manifesto

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We hear Chekov stutter "Ye-Yessir," confirming his acceptance of ship's conduct as this segment opens, with a zoom out from the Bridge into space with a great, dizzying roll while the Enterprise seemingly drifts toward the Narada. I can only imagine that on the big screen, this would really be spectacular. On the Romulan ship, Nero looks over the shoulder of a female (to be seen but not heard, of course) and the commander stalks up to Ayel, ordering: "Prepare the red matter." His first officer's hesitant "Yes, sir..." combined with the ominous background music let us know that whatever this is, it's serious.

For no obvious reason, Ayel runs toward Spock's ship while looking over his shoulder, above and opposite the direction he is running…weird. Although the Narada's design makes very poor use of space with all those spiky tentacles, it is supposed to be a mining ship, and presumably there would be some big cargo bays and equipment hangers, so the Vulcan ship being inside the Narada does not seem out of place.

Ayel enters the ship and stands before a large, hexagonal aquarium containing a gigantic ball of red liquid, about 1.4 meters in diameter. Ayel and a crewman take a huge syringe, puncture the ball of death goo, and extract a red globule about the size of a small marble. They then very carefully insert this syringe vertically into a machine.

There is not much material in this section, it is mostly computer generated space scenery and Romulans looking at bits of red goo.

No women speak in this segment.

Next, Pike delivers his best line of the film in Star Trek by the Minute 051: Be Careful, Spock


Red Matter. The sound you aren't hearing is my brain imploding at the mere mention of it...


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