STbtM 043: Borgtapus of Death

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As this segment opens, we see from the surface of Vulcan a monstrously gigantic Narada floating in the blue sky high above, with what looks like an enormous black metallic flail snaking down toward us – all spikes and sharp blades. We pull back to see a flaming energy beam boring into Vulcan's atmosphere. Down on the surface, Spock's mom has just moved into her swanky new Vasquez Rocks condo. (Rumors on subspace that this relocation was to facilitate trysts with a Capellan, Kazon-Ogla, and a nearby Gorn couple remain unfounded.) Nero seems to have decided to initate his revenge on Spock by obliterating mom's backyard recreation of a California park. She views the massive pillar of fire drilling into the planet with horror from her patio, without any apparent interest in... you know, looking up at the source of what would seem a bit out of the ordinary to most people. Could this cylindrical conflagration serve as the dance pole for a satanic strip-tease of their world's end? Is it the final, [cue ominous music] harbinger of certain doom? Amanda hypnotically transfixed in shock, unable to muster the curiosity a cocker spaniel has for a running water faucet and just look up...or get the hell out of there; either would do.

We next cut to a low orbit view toward the planet where far below, an enormous "Borgtapus of Death" hangs above the red planet. Inside the ship, Ayel alerts Nero that "Seven Federation ships are on their way." Nero looks troubled at this news… that's a pretty strange reaction if later we are told that this is REALLY a trap for Federation ships "coming to the rescue".

Back on the Enterprise, Kirk dashes madly around a corner followed by McCoy yelling "Jim" followed by Uhura yelling "What's going on?" and the dash onto the Bridge. Hm, that's pretty convenient having the medical bay, guts of the communications team, and the Bridge all on the same deck! Kirk yells "Captain Pike, sir we have to stop the ship." "Kirk, how the hell did you get on board the Enterprise?" McCoy speaks up with "Captain this man is under the influence of a severe reaction to a vaccine, he's completely delusional – I'll take full responsibility." Kirk continues: "Vulcan is not experiencing a natural disaster, it's being attacked by Romulans." Pike: "'Romulans.' Cadet Kirk, I think you've had enough attention for one day. McCoy take him back to medical, we'll have words later."

Kirk is awfully certain that Romulans are attacking Vulcan, given the available information, but this raises the issue of why Vulcan did not seem to detect this planetoid-sized apoclyship of destruction with any their advanced technology? I mean, aside from all the astronomical capabilities, sensors and whatnot, what about using one of the many advanced "windows" that appear standard on every Vulcan building? The operations of this technology proven to be fairly reliable, and simple enough to use the basic "look outside" function. It certainly is a mystery!

Of the 7 major characters on screen in this segment, only one female has a speaking role.

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It is possible that Vulcan did not detect the Narada because it has stealth tech somewhat similar to what the Mimbari have on Babylon 5.
BurntSynapse said…
Anything is possible, but at some point I just gave up. There is no indication of stealth technology and plenty of setup making this equipment unlikely: for a start, it is claimed to be a mining ship.

Unless it is some kind of cross-border mine-raider (contradicted by Nero's descriptions) there would be no reason to equip it with stealth which would have to be able to give the Kelvin noobs no trouble for detection, but 30 years later it was able to baffle an entire planet with more advanced technology, experience and resources.
I think "Borgtapus of Death" is my favorite title so far.


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