Good Science, Gods, and Grey Aliens

OK, I admit I haven't seen UFO Hunters on the History Channel, but with the creationists trying to cripple teaching of evolution yesterday in Texas and today in Florida, I had just answered a post by Protsman with: "An inability to see the conflict between good science and having a magical, invisible friend probably indicts one's grasp of scientific knowledge more than a third party grouping one with creationists, IMO.

We might excuse members of the reality-based community for failing to distinguish between what appear objectively to be various self-delusions that each believer claims as virtuous faith."

Flipping over to check email, I received a request to "Tune into the History Channel on Wed April 1 to see David [a friend] wax poetically on the subject of possible Mayan "greys". Apparently, the episode is titled UFO HUNTERS "THE GREYS CONSPIRACY".

Working out reliable (if fallible) systems for producing revolutionary science is hard enough, without people deliberately muddying the waters to support their favorite fantastic imaginings…<sigh>


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