Scope of a Revolutionary Science Guide

It is recognized that the need for strong scope control during development of a practice standard extension for revolutionary science (ERS) derives from the application area environment, one of rapidly evolving and expanding knowledge regarding revolutionary science and scientific creativity. Controlling scope creep in such environments is a challenge, when incorporating new findings would increase the value of the ERS.


At this project's most well-defined boundary lies the scope of scientific paradigm change applicable to the ERS, which rests on a criterion test for simultaneously meeting several clear constraints. These include meeting the requirements of science, offering cognitive advantages, and reclassifying exemplars of previously developed paradigms. Concepts resulting from using ERS processes, tools and techniques will adhere to the hierarchical principles of stable conceptual structures: non-overlap, exhaustion, and inclusion.

ERS scope criteria acknowledge the continuum and interactions between transformative science and more typical research. A modern example where these complex interactions can be seen is in the invention of the computer, which led to new capabilities for simulation and design, which lead to semiconductors, which were used to design better chips, and so on in an intricate web of advance and feedback.

Scope of Work

In scope for this effort is the work necessary and sufficient for producing the ERS, and related administrative or other outputs based on generally accepted standards like the PMBOK®, such as a Lessons Learned document for PMI and other organizational and environmental requirements. The ERS will consist of additions to the PMBOK® and be similarly organized based on lessons learned from development of previous extensions. It will describe project management processes unique to revolutionary science projects.

Work Out of Scope

The ERS will not include lower level information than is generally accepted for standards of this type. Instructions on how to perform processes and guidelines remain outside the intended scope of the ERS, although a list of recommendations for this type of content future handbooks and or guidebooks is expected as an administrative output. Processes primarily associated with general science and technology research projects that are not relevant to transformative or revolutionary science will be considered out of scope.


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